German ISD established the first German ISD´s Elternbeirat in Fall 2018. The German word “Elternbeirat” translates best as a designated group of parents. It is also known as the PTA (parent teacher association).

Elternbeirat & German ISD Mission

The Elternbeirat plays a vital role in German ISD’s community-building efforts and educational objectives. It is the joint mission of the school and the Elternbeirat to build a responsible, global-minded community and ignite the “spark of genius” in every child.


Elternbeirat Purpose & Support

• To encourage parents’ involvement at German ISD

• To actively encourage parents in supporting the conscientious fulfillment of school duties and requirements

• To support advertising German ISD within the community

• To develop, promote, and participate in fundraising events

• To assist with the organization of school events

• To strengthen the family through school/community partnerships

• To sponsor family-oriented events and activities

• To raise awareness of issues affecting children in and out of our community

• To encourage the exchange of ideas and thoughts by connecting with staff and other parents

List of German ISD’s Elternbeirat for the school year 2019/20:

  1. Canis, Christopher & Jenelle
  2. Boroyevich, Sabine
  3. Figallo, Paola
  4. Jordan, William
  5. Link, Caroline
  6. Luzeon, Carolina
  7. Rowe, Alison
  8. Roznovsky, Gabriele
  9. Schroeter, Dale
  10. Sommer, Annika
  11. Sung, Erin
  12. Virata-Meyer, Renae
  13. Wasserman, Rosie
  14. Williams, Michelle

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If interested, please find our Parent Handbook and find more information regarding upcoming events.

Parents Handbook

Upcoming Events