Our Concept

Thank you for your interest in German ISD. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about us.

Multi-Grade Concept

German ISD believes in the educational benefits of learning from and with each other, teaching a multi-age class of combined grades. The  combined Kindergarten/Lower Elementary class with mixed-age students offers the opportunity to continue the school’s strong focus on individual learning needs and learning with both older and younger classmates.

Dual Immersion – German Class

The dual-language immersion program is designed for students with German as either a first or second language, the goal being to learn two languages without one language replacing the other. German Lessons are based on the “Lehrplan Plus, Bayern, Germany”.

Dual Immersion - English Class

Dual-language instruction promotes overall cognitive development. Generally, young children acquire a second language easily. Human linguistic ability is designed for multilingualism. At German ISD, each school day is split and separated into two languages: English and German. English lessons are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Elementary Classes (TEKS) standards.

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