Elementary Classes

English: in accordance to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Students learn to read the typefaces of known words and understand them in other contexts. 

They read and understand written tasks and work instructions supported by pictures or pictograms and act accordingly. Read and understand the contents of texts with a well-known vocabulary and extract essential information. 

Students answer questions on familiar topics by retrieving known sentence patterns and filling them with personal content. 

Classes participate in conversations on age-related topics (e.g. hobbies and interests) by using familiar phrases, supplementing and supporting their statements with facial expressions, gestures, actions, and the use of objects or images. Students describe in detailed terms what they see on pictures and photographs. 

They learn to tell personal stories by listing what they want to tell their classmates.

Learn to read individually, as well as in the class context of literary texts, which they have heard previously. Learn to expand in terms of content, after several repetitions read out loud. 

It is German ISD’s goal to teach and maintain English on a level in which all students are benefiting from on a daily basis.  

Give and request information (eg name, age, place of residence, class, birthday, family members and friends, hobby and pet, time and place).

Invite individuals and respond to invitations; offer congratulate and best wishes.

To express favor and displeasure, approval and rejection in an ageappropriate way and the right manner.