Parent Portal

This page offers a variety of information for students and parents to join throughout the year.

As your child’s first teacher, you have an amazing opportunity to nurture your child’s growth and development at German ISD. Involvement at the preschool level has a number of lifelong benefits, such as establishing the importance of education and developing a network of helpful connections. Parental involvement at this critical point provides the child with a springboard that makes the move to elementary school a more tranquil transition. German ISD’s teachers and school staff appreciate assistance with a myriad of duties that many parents can easily fulfill while also adding a new face to the mix. On a deeper level, involvement in this capacity shows your child and your child’s teacher that you view education as an important aspect of life – one worth participating in. Early childhood education is just the start of your child’s educational career. At German ISD, all parents have the opportunity to be part of their child’s school career. German ISD staff is excited to partner with their families for the benefit of each student.