German Summer School

German ISD’s Summer school 2020 is dedicated to art, with a belief in the balance of fun and creativity by following the method of immersion while learning German at a fun place to be.

Through a variety of offerings, German ISD’s staff will provide the resources for kids to bring out their inner artist!

Lower Elementary  students will explore creative writing, dance, drama, music, visual art(ists), and percussion through daily classes, while including daily outdoor playtime with unique activities and group projects.


There will be a variety of techniques: Writing, improvisation, games, movement, music, text, voice and sound – to create and adapt and work with German material, music and literacy.

German ISD’s immersion program is truly the fastest and most efficient way to grips with speaking German – not to mention the most fun during our summer school months! 

German immersion method is completely different from taking a language course: Throughout our German immersion program children will literally be surrounding themselves in all-things-German for the entire time of summer school. Students will learn to speak German in everyday situations, and get plenty of conversation practice amongst their fellow class mates and native speaking German teachers. German ISD summer school is suitable for all students, whatever your current language ability.

All of the learning materials at German ISD are developed and imported from Germany.

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