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L steht für "LERNEN" - L stands for "LEARN"...

German ISD believes in the educational benefits of learning with and from others of different ages and has chosen to teach multi-age class of combined grades. The Elementary combined class with mixed-age students offers the opportunity to continue the school’s strong focus on individual learning and learning with both:
Older and younger classmates. 


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12411 Templeton Trl, Dallas, TX, 75234


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The Ralstons SAID

Sending our twins to the German International School of Dallas is the best gift we could have ever given them. Learning a second language has developed their minds beyond our imaginations to include subjects such as math, early reading, and writing in cursive while maintaining a speed that keeps their young minds engaged and makes learning fun! We feel so fortunate that our love of the school has now been passed on to other family members, giving them the opportunity to see firsthand all of the rewards of having children at GISD. The German International School of Dallas truly is a full immersion school in language, in education, in friendship, in independence, and in spirit.

Mother of 3 German ISD students SAID

The best kept secret in DFW is out!: German ISD is a school like no other! This is a learning experience for kids who are curious and creative. At GISD, my kids became citizens of world and have made friends for life — all while learning to speak fluent German! (Mother of 3 German ISD students)

Nora Davis SAID

Our GISD family has had the most profound impact on our own family at home! GISD opened up a new language and culture to us, as well as a whole new way of thinking about the world. My children are citizens of the world as a result of the GISD approach to learning. (Nora Davis, Alumni)

Hartley Family SAID

“As a German native speaker we wanted our children to grow up bilingual. We felt absolutely grateful when we found out about GISD just when our eldest daughter was two years old. GISD laid the groundwork for all of our 4 children to succeed in growing up with two languages. We even started a YouTube channel (The Hartley Tribe) around this topic! To us GISD was more than just a school…it was and still is being part of a family. We formed lasting relationships with many of the teachers.” (Hartley Family, enrolled from 2009-2018)

Why choose us

Only daily German Immersion Program in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Following the “Bayerischer Lehrplan für Grundschule“, Germany

Complete German & English language acquisition

Early drop-off and extended school-day pickup option

Certified educators

Diversity in the class room

Development of bilingualism/biliteracy

Small class sizes for individual learning

Working hours

  • Mon-Wed 7:45 am - 3:00 pm

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